Quote by W.S.Merwin

“Your absence has gone through me like thread through a needle. Everything I do is stitched with its colour.”

– W.S.Merwin


“The nation will rise only when it has its own independent economy.”

“Dependable economy make you rise for sure but it could be for limited time period.”

“The land which produces its own useful things with its own resource will never suffer more.”

-Krishnakumar Sivaraman @ Prasanna K Ruby.


“We share our thought with others, and they used to execute on their name. We didn’t even get compliments for it”

– Prasanna K Ruby

“Have to be rude in this society if we have to survive, here nothing is stable I like before as we believe”

– Prasanna K Ruby


By Krishnakumar Sivaraman @ Prasanna K Ruby

“I can’t concentrate on today class. I’m in little distraction, i have to take quick decision on my prior issues to fix it.” Samantha looking sad in the classroom while the lecture is in progress.

“I’m disturbed, the way he behaved with me in my house in front of my parents, I thought he was a nice guy and can take care of me and my family. But he proved himself how bad he could be.” She shares her feelings to next girl.

She gestured took the book from bag and pen later she continued“Mom and dad had a respect for him, they thought we could be a good couple, anyhow the yesterday incident made them to realize that they are wrong.”

She turned over the page copywriting the notes which on the lecture board wrote by her professor simultaneously the shared her story “Now they want me to breakup my relationship with him, the guy I dated couple of years, my parents didn’t know how much I love this guy. And it wasn’t easy to persuade them that he is right for me.”

She closed the notes as the bell rings “I don’t know how to convince my parents, the situation is out of my hand.”

She and her friend moved out, they are in corridor, a gentle walk towards the footsteps to get down to the main entrance. Samantha continued..“It could be last day of my college, I might be sent to my uncle house to Keil from where I will continue my higher studies.”

They reached the may entrance, “Taxi” she shouted and sign the drive to pickup her. As the taxi came closer she raised an invitation card and to her friend and said “it is the address of Keil City there I’m going to stay, if you see him tell him to visit my house and apologies my parents and to see me if he really loves me.”

She couch the sit close the door the girl stood out and being inside she continued her last word“If not, it could be fine for me,if yes, and wants me alone then tell him that I don’t have intensity to elope with him abandoning my parents alone,I’m not so selfish to punish them at this age, so it could be better he find somebody else here in Weimar.”

The taxi to start it’s trip ” I gonna miss you and this college campus”

Driver said,sollen wir meine Dame?
(Shall I start my lady)

She replied“Ja!(yes!)”

Back to her friend “Okay Johna as I said I really gonna miss you, I keep touch you on Troop Messenger as I reach Keil, take care bye.

The taxi moved, Johna left unhappy, Samantha is the only friend she had. In this campus who is very close to her.